Views from Our School Community

During the Spring Term 2022, we have been revisiting the vision for our Federation.  This is what our children say about their school:

What is special about our school?  

  • It’s a church school. 
  • There’s diversity – we are lots of different personalities and everyone is unique in their own way.   
  • Our teachers – without them we wouldn’t learn, and they help us if we get stuck.   
  • Everyone is kind.   
  • We’re environmentally friendly.  
  • We have really good friends and teachers. 
  • We spend time together as a school during collective worship. 
  • Our teachers understand us when we are upset. We have everything we need to have a good life. 
  • Everybody learns and take part; all of us have fun in this school. 
  • Everything on the playground is lovely. 
  • We have loads of space to play. 
  • Lunches are yummy. 

How does school help us to ‘live life to the full’? 

  • School helps us learn new things.  We learn happily together and from each other. 
  • It teaches us to be smart and healthy.   
  • It helps us do daily tasks.   
  • It helps us to learn how to be ‘us’.   
  • It encourages us to work hard to give ourselves the opportunity for a good future.  
  • We learn lots of skills that we can apply to the rest of our life to make it even better. 
  • We contribute to our learning experience. 
  • It helps us to make sure our friends are happy. 
  • It teaches us to be kind to others and to share. 
  • We try our best. 
  • We celebrate the right choices that other people have made, like getting ‘on gold’. We respect others. 

If a child was looking for a new school, why would you tell them to come to our school? 

  • Our school inspires you to learn new things and to have new friends.   
  • The teachers are really lovely and caring – we’ve got a great team of staff. 
  • People welcome you with open arms and help you when you’re stuck.
  • We have a motto that we follow: kind, courteous, considerate and caring.  
  • We’ve got a great team of staff. 
  • We are forgiving. 
  • Everyone has someone they can trust. 
  • There is always someone to play with. 
  • It’s exciting at school because there are fun things to do. 

What do you think the teachers are aiming for? 

  • They’re trying to get us ready for high school.   
  • To teach us our numbers and sounds 
  • To make our school the best in the world.   
  • I think they aim for helping us with life.   
  • To be the best we can be. 
  • For us to be kind, considerate and respectful to each other. 
  • For us to develop independence. 
  • To make us happy. 
  • To help us understand that learning can be fun. 
  • To make us feel confident with our learning . 
  • To keep us safe and healthy. 
  • To help the children to be ‘Awesome Authors’. 

Why do you think Collective Worship is Important? 

  • So we can reflect on our ideas, not just to our class, but to the whole school.   
  • It teaches us how to share ideas we might not learn in class.   
  • It brings the school community together. 
  • It is a time when we can celebrate all we have achieved. 
  • It isn’t just about being Christian – it’s a time to listen to each other. 
  • As an opportunity to learn about what others believe and share our thoughts. 
  • To share ideas and understand the importance of God and his teachings. 
  • To be able to interpret different ideas. 
  • So we can respect each other. 
  • So we can learn about being kind, considerate, courteous and caring. 

How could we improve our school? 

  • Having a class pet. 
  • Golden time on a Friday. 
  • More time spent on the subjects we really enjoy each week. 
  • Freedom of movement in the classroom with seating. 
  • More off timetable days. 
  • More lunchtime clubs. 
  • Improve the wildlife area. 
  • To put all the litter in the bin and to treat the building and equipment with respect. 
  • More tennis balls. 
  • Build an extension and then more people could come to the school and more people could learn. Maybe it could be a place where teachers could go to learn things to teach us.  
  • Buy more a chalkboard to have in the playground.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about our school? 

  • We are kind and welcoming to new people that join our school community. 
  • We care about everyone in our school. 
  • We celebrate the things we have done well. Everyone can be great at something at our school. It doesn’t matter who you are – we celebrate that everyone is different! 
  • Everyone has their strengths and everyone has their weaknesses and that’s okay. 
  • We get the chance to try lots of different sports. 
  • We have lovely staff. 
  • Everybody is different but we are also the same. I wish everyone would be treated the same way as we are in our school! 
  • Our school is the best one – we love school! 
  • I wish I could go to school even earlier in the morning!