Living Life to the Full

Taking inspiration from John 10:10, our vision is to support our pupils in ‘living life to the full’ by opening them up to a world of opportunities and nurturing a love of learning so that they will be inspired to fulfil their true potentials, both now and in the future.

This means that:

  • We will offer a welcoming and inclusive church school community, where every individual feels valued and respectful relationships are promoted through our 3 school rules: be kind and respectful; be safe; be the best you can be;
  • We will provide a rich, creative and inspiring curriculum, which promotes high academic standards and encourages individuals to ask and answer questions;
  • We value our connection to our environment and promote an ethos of stewardship;
  • We will uphold Christian values and take a responsive approach to meeting children’s needs so that every individual will develop empathy and understanding for others and value opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual growth;
  • We will ensure that children have a strong identity within their local, national and global communities, and that they understand the power of learning and working collaboratively.