Together We Care

School Council

Each year, in the autumn, a school council is elected, consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary and Spokespeople from each year group. The council meet half termly, representing views from across the school, discussing these and feeding back.

The school council played an important role in interviewing our new Headteacher, Mr Walker!


School Council Sponsored Goal Event, July 2022

Wow!  Our School Councillors decided that they wanted to raise money to buy new library books and playtime equipment.  They organised a sponsored goal and raised £1119!  What an incredible achievement!

Collection for Ukraine, March 2022

The two School Councils of Saxlingham Primary and Preston Primary met virtually to plan and organise a donation day in aid of Ukraine.  The School Council invited all members of the school community to wear blue and yellow, the colours of Ukraine, and to donate items that could be sent out to support families affected by the war.  This took place on Friday 18 March 2022.

Look at all the things we collected!  The hall was a sea of blue and yellow during our Collective Worship. We talked about the reason for our collection and we said
prayers for peace in Ukraine and for an end to the suffering.

Heartbeat First Aid Training, June 2022

The Year 6 children from Saxlingham joined Preston for an important day of first aid training.  The children learnt about care of conscious and unconscious casualties.  They also talked about choking, bleeding and how to put a casualty into the recovery position.  The children were also introduced to CPR and discussed how and when to call the emergency services.  A huge thank you to Mrs Allgood and Miss Walker for organising this event, and well done to all the children for their hard work!